Nine Youth Leadership and 1 Agriculture student came together on August 28, 2018, at Freeport High School to compete in the Florida Farm Bureau speech competition for Walton County.  Three students from Freeport High School, South Walton High School, Walton High School and One Agriculture student from Paxton High School competed in the competition.  The topic for this speech was "How has the introduction of agriculture mobile apps impacted the agriculture industry?"

First place went to Sarah Thompson of Paxton High School, second place went to Anne Sophie Grobe of South Walton High School and third place went to Gary Kelly of Freeport High School.  Sarah Thompson will move on to the Regional Competition on September 14, 2018.  Congratulations to these students and Good Luck to Sarah at Regionals as she represents Walton County.

Pictured left to right are Andrew Taylor (judge), Gary Kelly (FHS- 3rd place), Sarah Thompson (PHS-1st place), Anne Sophie Grobe (SWHS- 2nd place), and Michele Carter (judge).

A special thank you to all of the students who participated.  Submitted by Crystal Appel