Emergency Plan

breaking news over an image of a cartoon newspaper

Emergency Information

It is important to know that we cannot release certain information during a lockdown in order to protect children. In most cases of a real emergency, local law enforcement dictate the information that can and cannot be released for the safety of the public. In these situations, we must remember the need to protect students is paramount to the release of information.

It is important all teachers, faculty, staff, parents, and public know the following:

  1. In the event of a real emergency/lockdown, school phones will not be answered, computers will be off, and cell phones are not permitted. Communication within the school becomes limited.

  2. Procedures to safeguard children, faculty, and staff become paramount!

  3. The School and District have communication plans in place to contact authorities as needed.

  4. Notification to the public (including internal WCSD) will be as follows:

    1. The first place to look for information is the District Website. Breaking News logo will be posted on the district website with information about the event. Each additional posting will be dated/timed so parents and the public know the latest news on the pending situation.

    2. Parents should tune into the following news outlets for the latest breaking news:

  • WZEP Radio - 1460 AM (local DeFuniak Springs station)

  • 30A Radio - 107.1 (local Seaside station)

  • The Seabreeze - 106.3 FM (local Destin station)

  • WJHG - Channel 7 (Panama City)

  • WMBB - Channel 13 (Panama City)