Career and Technical Education

What is Career and Technical Education?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic knowledge plus technical skills attainment which are necessary to succeed in future careers or at a Post-secondary institution.  CTE prepares students for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies through the program curriculum standards.  These same standards may also prepare students for national industry standards as evidenced by certification exams. Through the use of hands-on projects and curriculum in these programs, students are engaged and eager to learn.

The mission of Walton County School District’s CTE Programs is to prepare students of all ages for success in college and career by helping them develop the skills, technical knowledge, academic rigor and real-world experiences necessary to be successful in a high-skill, high-demand career in an ever changing global market.

Walton County School District is in the process of developing partnerships with local employers, the community, and colleges to give our students an opportunity to build a network of resources for success after graduation from high school.