Henry Martin

Henry Martin

Chief Information Officer
Telephone: (850) 892-1100 ext. 1511

The Walton County School District's Technology Department is responsible for providing technology and technical support services for the district.

Technology Services

It is our objective to keep the equipment in County up and running so teachers and students have constant access to equipment and software. If you need technical support, please contact our help desk at ext. 4357 (Help) .

Technology And Information Services is made up of three key components; Instructional Technology, Network Services, and Information Data. These components serve all departments on campus. Each year our Technology Services Department works on many exciting activities and projects that support students and staff in enhancing the learning environment.

These school-wide service areas are supported with a variety of computers and platforms, software, digital devices, assistive devices, network and Internet services, data and information services, wireless and videoconferencing support, and maintenance/technical support on thousands of items for students and staff.