Energy Management/ Conservation Program

The mission of the Walton County School District’s Energy Conservation Program is to help improve energy efficiency on district campuses. Such effort will save nonrenewable resources and funds while maintaining a quality learning environment for students and personnel.

Program Overview
It is in the best interests of the District, students and personnel, as well as the taxpaying public to promote energy efficiency and sound financial management. In August 2011 the Board adopted an Energy Management Conservation Program to control and optimize the cost and consumption of energy and energy related products. The Walton County School District spends on average over $2.4 million annually on utilities.

While every person is expected to become an ‘energy saver’ as well as an ‘energy consumer’, the school principal will be accountable for energy management on his/her campus. Judicious use of the various energy systems on each campus will be the joint responsibility of the principal and plant manager or designee. These efforts will ensure that an efficient energy posture is maintained on a daily basis.

Program Cost Avoidance Savings

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