Bus Safety Rules

At the bus stop:

  • Students and parents are responsible for safety and proper student behavior going to and from the stop, and while waiting for the bus

  • Students must stand off the roadway while waiting

  • Students must respect other people’s property

  • Students must not push, shove, or engage in horseplay

  • Parents should supervise children at the stop

  • Students must arrive at the bus stop at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.

  • Students must wait for and get off the bus only at the approved stop locations

During loading and unloading:

  • Always stay away from the 12 foot “danger zone” around the bus, except when you are directed by the driver to get on or off the bus.

  • Never pick up an object that you drop under or near the bus. Ask the driver for help.

  • Always be sure the driver can see you

  • Make sure clothing and backpacks have no loose drawstrings or long straps that could catch in the handrail or bus door

  • When you see the bus coming, stand at the stop and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching the bus

  • Always wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross the road and/or load into the bus

  • When crossing a traffic lane, always look left, right, then left again; crossing only if approaching traffic has stopped

  • Never walk behind the bus

  • Only board your assigned bus, unless other arrangements are approved by your school

During the bus ride:

  • Always follow the driver’s directions.

  • Never distract the driver from driving unless there is immediate danger to you or others

  • Always remain seated and keep the aisles clear

  • Always remember eating, drinking, and chewing gum are prohibited

  • Never bring unsafe or unauthorized items into the bus (glass items, sharp objects or aerosols)

  • Always wear your seat belt when one is available

  • Always keep your arms, legs, and head inside the bus

  • Always show respect for your fellow students

  • Always keep conversation and noise at a reasonable level and remain quiet at railroad crossings. The Student Code of Conduct applies in the bus as well as in the classroom.