About Our District

About our District

Walton County School District (WCSD) is committed to excellence in education. All WCSD public schools are accredited by AdvancED, which is a national accrediting organization formed through a partnership of regional accrediting agencies, including SACS CASI.   The district is among the top performing school districts in the state.

WCSD has six elementary, three middle, three high schools, one K - 12 school, two alternative education schools, three charter schools, and a career development center school.

High Academic Expectations

WCSD holds high expectations for all students and staff.  As a result, the WCSD has maintained the State Board of Education's Academically High Performing School District designation for seven consecutive years.

A Progressive and Innovative School District

In 1996, WCSD sponsored one of Florida's first charter schools. Currently, choice options include virtual instruction and home school education opportunities. Schools in Walton County have an abundance of technology resources to enhance instruction. Approximately 340 district classrooms are equipped with 21st Century technologies. Grants have provided opportunities for one-to-one computing at some grade levels. The district has a 3:1 ratio of students to computers empowering students with hands - on learning.

WCSD has an articulation agreement with Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) to provide dual-enrollment courses for eligible high school students. Students completing these courses earn high school and college credits simultaneously. Dual enrollment is free to eligible high school students and textbooks are provided by the district.

WCSD has partnered with the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center at the Nokuse Plantation, a 48,000 acre private conservation preserve in Freeport, to bring learning to life through hands on learning opportunities and field studies conducted alongside professional scientists. WCSD has partnered with Nokuse to redesign curriculum and integrate field studies into life and earth science for students in grades four, seven and designated high school courses.

Cultural programming is an important part of instruction. WCSD transports students to a wide variety of venues scheduled in the Florida panhandle area and in Alabama. Many students attend the Alabama Shakespearean Theater, theatrical programming at NWFSC, as well as other performances in the panhandle region. Schools also participate in the Florida Chautauqua Assembly's cultural arts program each year through extensive project based learning activities focused on the selected annual theme.