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Walton County School District


Mrs. Vanessa Black, sixth grade math teacher at Walton Middle School, used an AVID inquiry and collaboration strategy to allow students to better understand the process of dividing mixed numbers.  In the lesson, Mrs. Black posed a problem and allowed students an opportunity to first solve it independently.  After working the problem solo, students traveled to different corners of the room based on their decided upon answers.  Each corner represented a like-minded group, who had to defend why and how they arrived at their answers.  Students who were undecided or wished to change their initial answers were allowed to move to different corners if they felt they had sufficient evidence to change their minds.  Throughout the lesson, these young mathematicians engaged in thoughtful and knowledgeable dialogue with each other about how to divide mixed numbers.

Submitted by Kristen Nelson

Picture L to R:  Eddie Burgess, Nicole Foushee, Keneth McCorkle, Nayeli Guerra-Avalos

Seventh grade students in Mrs. Rachel Jones' AVID class at Walton Middle School made a commitment to their futures during a recent contract signing ceremony.  AVID is an elective college preparatory program that prepares students to attend a four-year college upon high school graduation.  Principal Jason Campbell expressed his support for the program, its teachers, and their students.  WMS students are undoubtedly determined to learn and succeed. Submitted by Kristen Nelson


Pictures with Soaking Wet students are a wonderful part of “Making Things POP” in the WCSD! We have research based programs that help us provide Healthy Academic Competition for our students. Congratulations students, teachers and staff at Mossy Head School for the great response heard from a student “This the Best Day Ever!” EPIC2!

Mr. Hughes stops and shows appreciation to Mrs. Lisa Crabtree and amazing lunch room staff while seeing the students at MHS. Love seeing my Kindergarteners recite their lunch numbers. Oh the Joy of Learning.....Things are “POPing” in EPIC2 Fashion in the WCSD.

On Friday, August 31st, West DeFuniak Elementary students participated in a Positivity Project Pep Rally. Students made signs focusing on the character trait "Kindness," learned a kindness cheer, and heard from Mrs. Paul about this new initiative at WDE. The Positivity Project focuses on a different character trait each week. Students watch short videos and have daily discussions revolving around those traits. We look forward to seeing students exhibit this new learning in their actions as we learn that Other People Matter. Submitted by Jessica Dawkins

SCIENCE ROCKS at West DeFuniak Elementary! Mrs. Katie Adams’ fourth grade studied the properties of matter, one being density. Groups created a density tower to showcase five layers of different liquids.  Students soon discovered liquids have different densities, therefore creating a layering effect with the heaviest liquid on the bottom. To further test density, students dropped various items into their density towers to compare the density of that item to the surrounding liquid. Through discovery, students were able to explain why different objects floated, while others sank.

 Submitted by Jessica Dawkins