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Walton County School District


On Monday, October 24, Deputy Leo Cook with WCSO brought his K9 sidekick Rocky to visit Mr. Smallwood's and Mrs. Susenbach's Law Studies students.  Deputy Cook and Rocky educated students about the proper handling of a K9, the training required for the team, and the duo's role in narcotics detection and tracking. 


Walton Middle School thanks Deputy Cook, Rocky, and the WCSO for taking time out of their hectic schedule to connect learning to life. Submitted by Kristen Rhodes.

Mrs. Harvell's eighth grade science students spent the week of October 17th learning science vocabulary pertaining to the properties of matter through two hands-on experiments.

In the first experiment, students watched ink molecules of Sharpies become soluble to alcohol and then spread across the materials.  The results of this experiment were turned into curtains now decorating Mrs. Harvell's classroom.

Students compared viscosity of vegetable oil to glycerine in the second experiment.

By the end of the week, students had a more in-depth understanding of the science terms they had been studying. Learning mission accomplished! Submitted by Kristen Rhodes. 

The DeFuniak Springs Fire Department visited Kindergarten and first grade at WDE on Monday, October 17th. After learning about fire safety, during National Fire Safety Week, the firefighters were able to further explain many of the concepts learned during the week. Some of the topics discussed included what to do during a fire, where to go, and how to protect yourself. The students enjoyed the visit and were able to spray water from the trucks at the end of the presentation. Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

The WCSD Facilities Department held a district-wide Custodial Training & Expo on October 7th at the WISE Center for all custodians and plant managers.  Guest speakers, trainers, and janitorial supply vendors all participated to educate employees on topics such as health safety, pest control tips, proper cleaning techniques, and equipment use.  Four educational training sessions were held to deliver this information to employees.  After the training, lunch was provided for everyone and donated door prizes were given away.  Participants enjoyed the experience and hope to make the training / expo an annual event. Submitted by Michelle Doggett.

Walton High's Anchor Club is hosting the Hometown Heroes Banquet in the WHS cafeteria on Tuesday, November 8, at 6:00 p.m.  This event honors Walton County's veterans and current military members.  The Braves Bistro will cater the event, and entertainment will be provided by the WHS Chorus. 

Please RSVP to Anna Cramer, Anchor Club Advisor, at 850-892-1270, ext. 4424, or [email protected]. Submitted by Christy English.

October has been a lots of fun in Kindergarten. Students enjoyed investigating and comparing length during a STEM activity. Students were tasked with constructing the tallest tower they could using candy pumpkins, candy corn, and play doh. Imagination and high order thinking skills came in handy with this challenging project. Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

Freeport Middle School’s 8th grade AVID class with Mrs. Peloquin, attended the Freeport City Council meeting on October 11. As an extension from the visit, the AVID class created the “AVID Government Liaison Council (AGLC).” The AGLC will attend future meetings, bring information on current topics to the school student council, and return the verdict from a student survey to the next meeting. Submitted by Chelsea Ellison.