Submitted by Crystal Appel, Walton County School District

A special thank you to the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation for presenting Zig’s Musical Journey* at Freport Middle School on April 29th. 5th grade students and Band members were in participation with renowned percussionist Zig Wajler of "Hands on With Zig."

  Zig’s Musical Journey Is a highly interactive cross curricular and multicultural music experience featuring a battery of world percussion introducing rhythms, sounds, and song-styles from around the world with traditional and contemporary instruments, folk songs and original compositions.  Audience members participate through active dialogue and hands on interaction including basic rhythm patterns, instruments names, chants, and form a world music ensemble. Cross curricular connections include social studies, math, language arts, and science with historical and cultural content.  The program features world musical styles including; African, Native American, Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz, US & World Folk, and Caribbean among others.  As an extension of the classroom, students will make a connection how textbook learning relates to music and their daily lives.