Ms. Nancy Britton’s 5th grade class at ECMS paid special tribute to Veterans on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017. Students were asked to research any veteran from the present or past and then to share their reports to classmates. Students asked parents, grandparents and family members to visit their classroom and share their military experiences. 

Shown in pictures are:  Captain Ryan Hatfield, Air Force (father of Sophia Hatfield) Operations Specialist-Navy, Adam Jacobs (uncle of Sophia Hatfield) PFC First class specialist-Army, Mike Kennedy (Kaitlin Thompson's uncle) First Lieutenant, Mr. Robert Martin, Marine Corps (father of Zane Martin) Sergeant Jon Elliott-Marine Corps (uncle of John Sullivan) Private First Class, Manuel Garcia-Navy (grandfather of Kira Williams) and Private First Class, Daryl Hertz-Army (Military Speaker) What a wonderful opportunity for the students and the veterans to share this time together!  

submitted by Candy Bodie