Mr. Dennie Smith, 8th grade AVID teacher at WMS, works tirelessly to equip his students for future success.  On Friday, February 8th, his third period AVID class presented about their future career aspirations with a captive audience of their peers and teachers and administrators at WMS.  Mr. Smith began the class period by emphasizing the public speaking standards his students have been learning and practicing.  Students confidently stood in front of the class and provided detailed information about careers they might one day like to pursue.  After each presentation, Mr. Smith asked the audience to offer positive feedback to each brave presenter.  The students offered gracious and constructive comments to each of their peers about the merits of each presentation.  Not only did students explore career pathways that interested them but they also practiced public speaking skills--thereby gaining invaluable knowledge and confidence they will continue to develop as they blaze their own bright and unique paths in life.


1--Cynthia Ramirez (Translators and Interpreters)

2--Cerina Smith (Science, Technology, and Electronics)

3--Magen Duke (Singer)

4--Logan Potts (Logging)

Submitted by Kristen Nelson