Since January of this year, three Paxton students have been working towards the Hog and Ham Competition in Gainesville (Hydie Varnum, Cassie Varnum, and Jeffrey Wilson). Students from all over the state participate in this event. Paxton students traveled to Gainesville three times this year. The first visit was the introduction of the program for students who had been selected to participate. The second visit was to butcher the hog and prepare it to be taken home. During their last visit a few weeks ago, the students presented their presentations on a subject related to the swine industry. Paxton's own, Jeffrey Wilson, placed 5th place overall in the competition. The entire Paxton family is very proud of these students. (Pictured: Hydie Varnum, Cassie Varnum, and Jeffrey Wilson).
Submitted by Kalli McMillan

PAX Hog and Ham