life saving award

WCSD employee James Watson received the Life Saving Award from the Walton County Sheriff's Office in a ceremony today at Paxton School. Sheriff Michael Adkinson remarked that "not all heroes wear costumes, sometimes they wear a red Paxton t-shirt." Mr. Watson administered the Heimlich maneuver to a choking student, saving their life and circumventing a possibly tragic situation. In addition to the Life Saving Award, Superintendent Hughes presented James with a letter of recognition and a WCSD Challenge Coin - a coin presented to those who epitomize what it means to be EPIC for the students of Walton County.  There are many ways one can be EPIC in Walton County, but none greater than preserving the health and safety of our students. Thank you to James Watson for your heroic act of service, and thank you to Sheriff Adkinson and the Walton County Sheriff's Office for recognizing Mr. Watson.