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Walton County School District

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

Welcome to Walton County Schools’ Volunteer Program.  Our administration, teachers and students are excited about the difference you are going to make.  We appreciate your willingness to help provide the best education possible for our children.  Please feel free to contact your volunteer coordinator with questions, concerns, or stories of student success. 



The school volunteer:

  • Does not need a college degree or teaching certificate,

But should:

  • Have a genuine interest in children
  • Possess a willingness to cooperate with school personnel
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Maintain a professional attitude
  • Become familiar with school and classroom policies and practices
  • Refrain from criticizing school procedures
  • Be capable of adjusting to the teacher’s way of doing things and follow his/her direction
  • Following all safety rules of the school in which you are working
  • Be well groomed and dress appropriately
  • Be dependable