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Walton County School District

Technology Staff

Technology Staff

The Technology Services Department provides technical leadership and expertise to all areas of the school system, administrative as well as instructional. The staff is responsible for network engineering, technical support, user support, software maintenance, web resources, infrastructure, Internet access, security and repair of all computers in the district. The department is also responsible for the web site and all major business applications including student information management.

Andrew Prescott - Technician I

BJ Caroll - Technician I

Janie Griffith - Secretary

Phone (850) 892-1100 ext 1501

Michael Pinnella - Technology Services Coordinator

Phone (850) 892-1100 ext 1544

Michael Dunaway - Technician II

Rick Rothgeb - Technical Support Services Manager

Phone (850) 892-1100 ext 1543

Robert Godwin - Senior Systems Manager

Phone (850) 892-1100 ext 1542