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Walton County School District


Vision screenings are provided each year. Students in grades K, 1, 3, 6 and all first time entries in grades K-5 will receive a vision screening.

Hearing screening will be provided in grades K, 1, 6 and all first time entries in grades K-5. Screenings serve to identify signs of vision or hearing defects and provide a procedure for referral and follow-up.

Growth and development (BMI) screenings are provided for students in grades 1, 3 and 6. Parents/guardians are notified of results with resources provided for follow-up, if needed.

As part of the overall School Health Program, 6th grade students are offered a scoliosis screening, with a referral for students who need further evaluation. Scoliosis screening is a valuable aid in detecting scoliosis in the early stages when often the scoliotic curve can be reduced or stabilized without surgery. Scoliosis can be defined as one or more lateral curvatures of the spine, which develop during growth and can eventually cause pain and reduce cardiopulmonary function, shortening of the life span, and an unacceptable cosmetic appearance. Scoliosis can be successfully treated if detected early.

At the beginning of each school year, school health services staff will send parents a letter informing them of the screenings recommended for their child.  Parents may elect to opt out of screenings by submitting a request in writing to the school principal.