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Walton County School District

Office 365 Video Tutorials

Office 365 - Overview (10 minutes and 15 seconds in length)

Office 365 provides valuable services that we use on a daily basis. Not only does Office 365 function as our e-mail server, but it also allows users to network and share information with colleagues, save files in a secure cloud accessible anywhere with internet access and provides users with the option of downloading Office 2013 to any 5 devices, personal or work related. View this video for a brief overview of how Office 365 functions and how to download Office 2013 to your devices and computers. 

Office 365 - Sharing Documents (3 minutes and 48 seconds in length)

With Office 365, users have the ability to share documents and files for joint projects and collaboration. This video will show users how to manage the sharing function, including using the recycling bin for deleted files and changing shared user permissions. 

Office 365 -Office Online  (6 minutes and 45 seconds in length)

Office 365 offers online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This video quickly demonstrates how these online applications function and provides a brief insight into how they can be used for group projects. 

Office 365 - Student Access (3 minutes and 38 seconds in length)

All Walton County School District students have Office 365 accounts. With these accounts, students can store student files on a cloud, share projects with peers and download Office 2013 to personal devices and computers. This video will show teachers and students how Office 365 can be accessed by students.