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Walton County School District

K-12 Mathematics

Parent Resources

Providing students and families with skills and resources necessary to succeed after high school is the top priority of Walton County School District. We will only succeed by working jointly with parents and community members. Below are resources to assist parents with helping us provide a high quality education to our students and your children. 

Florida Standards

The Florida Standards in Mathematics were adopted in February of 2014 by the Florida State Board of Education. Florida Standards in Mathematics endorse important concepts such as number sense and problem solving, critical thinking and math reasoning, justifying and analyzing mathematical arguments, understanding and building models, reasoning strategically and using appropriate tools, precision, use of structure, and the use of repeated reasoning in problem solving. With the adoption of the new Florida Standards, math instruction will be focused on deep understanding of concepts to solidify concrete comprehension of math content.

Virtual Resources

LearnZillion, Khan Academy and Florida Students are free resources for students and teachers. Both provide students with the ability to search for video lesson by using key words and phrases such as “multiplying with decimals”, “converting fractions to decimals”, or “exponential decay”. Visit the links below, create your free account, and begin browsing through these excellent virtual resources. 

Florida Standards Assessment

The Florida Department of Education has provided resources to assist parents and teachers in preparing students for the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA). Below are quick-links to important resources such as practice tests and frequently asked questions to help you prepare your child for the FSA.