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Walton County School District

Edivate Courses

Walton County School District currently offers the following courses to district teachers free of charge:

WCSD Reading Endorsement Competency 1

WCSD Reading Endorsement Competency 2

WCSD Reading Endorsement Competency 3

WCSD ESOL: Methods of Teaching ESOL

WCSD ESOL: Applied Linguistics

WCSD ESOL: Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding

WCSD ESOL: Testing and Evaluation of ESOL Students

WCSD ESOL: Curriculum and Materials Development

WCSD ESE Course Elementary

WCSD ESE Course Secondary

WCSD Elementary New Teachers with Degrees Other Than Education

WCSD Secondary New Teachers with Degrees Other Than Education

WCSD Social Media Training

WCSD FL Ethics, Professional Counduct, and Educator Responsibilities

WCSD Classroom Management

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

Domain 2: Classroom Management

Domain 3: Direct Instruction

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

To find out how to get registered for these courses or if there are other courses that you may have need of please contact Kristy Grey at [email protected] or (850) 892-1100 ext 1317.