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Walton County School District

Administration of Medication

The administration of prescription and nonprescription medication is authorized under Florida Statute 1006.062 and 1002.20(3), and by Walton County School Board Policy 5.62.  Each school principal shall designate a staff member(s) to administer the medication during school hours.  Administration of medication shall only be done by those persons who have been trained to do so by a registered nurse. 

Medication authorizations shall be received on a standardized authorization form which can be obtained in the school clinic or office. Only medications provided by the parents, with accompanying documentation, shall be administered to student. Any change in the original medication authorization requires a new written authorization and a corresponding change in the prescription label. If a parent calls indicating that a student did not take a dose at home and the school has authorization to administer that medication at that dosage, then the medication can be administered with proper documentation.

Medication must be in original container labeled with the student's name; name of the medication; directions for dosage; frequency to be administered; the physician's name; and the date the prescription was filled. Medications in plastic bags or other non-original containers are not acceptable. A parent or guardian must bring the medication to school in its original container where it will be received, counted, and verified by a school nurse/aide or principal's designee.

The first dose of any new medication MUST be given at home.