For a project in Ms. McMillan's Digital Information Technology class, students were asked to follow the steps of development and marketing to create a product or service to be sold to the public. Students had no limits on what their product or service could be and were to work under the idea that they had unlimited resources. For his project, Blaise Cottle (9th grade), developed the 27th letter. He explained that the point of his letter (pronounced "ei-SSSS") was to replace the "es" and "ies" at the end of plural words. Blaise shared his creative idea with the rest of his class and the seniors in Mrs. Hall's AP Literature class, giving them examples of how the new letter works and providing them with a visual aide of what the letter looks like. We are proud of Blaise and his excellence in innovation.



Paxton Freshman Creates 27th Letter


Paxton Freshman Creates 27th letter