Tina Pinkoson, Director of Leadership Service for FSBA, presented the Walton County School Board and the Superintendent a plaque recognizing them for their successful completion of the Master Board Training. The Board and Superintendent Hughes took 22 hours of training together designed to help them learn how to communicate effectively, to learn each others strengths and values so that when they make decisions they understand how those decisions are developed.  The training emphasizes how to work together effectively as a team so they can positively impact student achievement in Walton County.

 (from left to right) School Board Member Jason Catalano, School Board Chairperson Kim Kirby, School Board Member Bill Eddins, School Board Member Marsha Winegarner, Superintendent A. Russell Hughes

In addition, Mrs. Kirby, School Board Chairman, has participated in a Professional Development Program at the Florida School Board’s Association, completing 96 hours of voluntary training, and was recognized by Ms. Pinkoson as a Certified Board Member (CBM) with a special plaque. WCSD appreciates the dedication and committment exhibited by Mrs. Kirby in her willingness to volunteer her time for this training! 

Tina Pinkoson(left), Director of Leadership Services for FSBA, and School Board Member Gail Smith (right).

Submitted by Laura Smith