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Walton County School District

Walton Virtual School

The Walton County School District offers individual courses (up to a full schedule) through the Walton Virtual School to public, private, and home school students that are in grades Kindergarten through 12th. As a franchise partner with the Florida Virtual School (FLVS), the Walton County School District is able to provide one of the best on-line curriculum programs in the country at no cost to you. 

Beginning with the Spring Semester of 2020, the Walton Virtual School will also offer courses for initial credit through Edgenuity.

Through Edgenuity and FLVS, Walton Virtual School is able to offer two (2) different program options: Walton Virtual Full-time and Walton Virtual Part-time. Both programs provide on-line instruction from Walton County teachers who are certified and considered highly-qualified educators by the Florida Department of Education.


Walton Virtual Part-time requirements are as follows:

  • Student must be enrolled in a Walton County Public School.
  • A full course schedule of at least six (6) courses is required. A combination of courses at the brick and mortar Walton County Public School, Walton Virtual School courses and Florida Virtual School courses are acceptable.


Walton Virtual Full-time requirements are as follows: 

  • A full course schedule of at least six (6) WVS courses is required. A combination of WVS courses and Florida Virtual School/Edgenuity courses are acceptable if a course is not offered thorugh WVS.
  • Florida Standards Assessment participation is required.
  • Immunization records must be provided.
  • Registration paperwork must be completed and submitted to the Walton County District Office.


With the Walton Virtual full-time option, a Walton County diploma may be earned.


Walton Virtual part-time students may be public, private, or home school students; however, since Walton Virtual School is a public school, courses begin and end according to the Walton County School District School Board approved school calendar. Enrollment is available for public, private, and home school students at the beginning of the school year.


Whether you choose to participate in the full-time or part-time virtual option, you will have: 

  • The ability to monitor your student’s day to day academic activity at home for the courses that you choose
  • The advantage and convenience of a state-of-the-art online curriculum for:
        •    Regular classes
        •    Advanced/Honors classes
        •    Advanced Placement classes (AP)
  • The ability to access your student’s online school activity, lessons, grades, and teacher communications
  • The advantage of a certified teacher from Walton County to assist you and your student with questions that may arise
        •    Teachers are required to return calls and e-mails within 48 hours
        •    Teachers are required to contact parents and students monthly
        •    Peer communication is available with online threads for students to collaborate


Parent/Student Information

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 is now available.

Please contact the Walton Virtual School Office for more information.


Jaime Mitchell

Walton Virtual School Program Administrator

(850) 892-1100, ext. 1514

Additional Resources

Walton County Course Catalog

Walton Virtual School - School Advisory Council Meeting

You are invited to attend our next School Advisory Council meeting.

Date:   TBD
Time:   TBD


Climate Surveys

Walton Virtual School is striving to make ours the best virtual school option available. In order to do so, we need your feedback. If you are a current student or a parent of a current student, please take a few minutes to complete the survey that best fits your role. Thank you in advance for your time, and please be assured that your feedback will be considered as we plan for the 2020-2021 school year.

Parent Climate Survey:
Student Climate Survey:

Both surveys close Friday, May 15, 2020.