Walton County School District


  • Carlene Anderson, Superintendent

    Email: AndersoC@walton.k12.fl.us
    Telephone: (850) 892-1100, ext. 1302

    The Walton County School District's Superintendent is responsible for the management of all facets of the district.

Walton County School District is committed to student achievement. As superintendent of schools, I believe all children can learn and achieve.  However, in order for students to achieve, every aspect of the school district's operations must be highly effective and efficient.  Therefore, WCSD administrators, faculty and staff work together to create a unified team devoted to ensuring student success.

Our vision is to be recognized among the top school districts in the state of Florida and the nation. Florida's State Board of Education has officially designated WCSD as one of 17 Florida school districts achieving Academically High-Performing School District status for the 2012-13 school year.  This designation not only recognizes the high expectations we hold for educating our students, but it also recognizes how important it is to be fiscally responsible.  Through the collaborative effort of WCSD personnel, students, parents, business partners and the community, we truly embody a unified culture that values our children's education.  This collaborative effort has assisted the district in maintaining the Academically High-Performing School District designation for the past seven years.