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Walton County School District

K-12 Mathematics Teacher Resources

District Elementary and Secondary Math Coaches

District Math Coach Responsibilties

An elementary and secondary math coach are available to assist schools and teachers with providing high quality math instruction. Please download the document below for a list of math coach responsibilities and available services.

Renaissance Place

Core Progressions

Renaissance Learning provides us access to our STAR Enterprise math assessment, but progress monitoring is not the only function served by Ren. Place resources. Core Progression resources are also available to teachers. The Core Progression resources allow teachers to review standard specifics, eplore verticle alignment and review resources designed to support curriulum and instruction. The link below leads to a quick 2 minute video that will show teachers how to access and use Core Progression resources.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers high quality K-12 virtual support for the mathematics classroom. Students can build a personnalized learning plan by creating a math mission. By answering a few problems, Khan Academy will generate a learning plan. Students and teachers can follow this learning plan or choose different different material based on other needs. Students and teachers will be able to review student progress within the Khan Academy system. Students also have the option of adding parent accounts. Parent accounts will allow parents to track student progress just like teachers, but specific to their children.

Walton County School District (WCSD) student and teacher information has already been uploaded to Khan Academy and is currently availble to all WCSD teachers. Students and teachers can access Khan Academy by logging into Clever; a link has been provided below. Students will use their student ID as both the username and password. Teachers will use their e-mail address as the username and Focus password as the password. If teachers are unable to access Clever, be sure to use the "forgot password" option.

After accessing Khan Academy through Clever for the first time, setting up a student account is easy. A quick video and word document have been provided below to assist with this process.

Math Nation

As part of Florida high school graduation requirements, students are required to pass the Algebra I EOC (497 Scale Score or higher) or earn a concordant score on the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) (97 or higher). Students are also required to earn a credit in Geometry. In order to assist students with meeting graduation requirements, the University of Florida has developed resources to assist students with passing the Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II EOCs. Math Nation is free to teachers, parents and students. Please see the links below for information on how to get started. Teachers and students will access Math Nation through the Clever portal. More information can be found on Clever under the Khan Academy section of this webpage.

Florida Standards Assessment Aligned Resources

The Florida Standards Assessment was administered for the first time in Spring of 2015. FLDOE has provided several different resources to assist teachers in preparing students for each grade level's Florida Standards Assessment. Each resource below has been reviewed and approved by the Florida Department of Education for quality and alignment.
The Mathematics Formative Assessment System (MFAS) was developed in collaboration with Florida State University. Formative assessment tasks are available for Kindergarten through Geometry in high school. MFAS tasks were designed to assist teachers in determining students' specific learning needs and differentiating to promote continual growth. MFAS tasks will assist teachers in meeting the needs of both high performing and low performing students.
Teachers will find suggested activities for grades 3 - 5 and Algebra I by following the FLDOE Standards Support link above. These activities are aligned directly to the FSA and located directly on

3 Act Math is a great way to engage students and get them actively thinking about real world problems. 3 Act Math refers to three stages in story telling:

Act 1 - The central conflict is introduced. Students become familiar with the problem and begin understanding the parameters.

Act 2 - The students overcome obstacles, look for resources and find new tools. During this phase, students actively problem solve and use learned skills to search for a resolution.

Act 3 - Here, students resolve the conflict and begin thinking about future problems and application.

Problems introduced from 3 Act Math are created and uploaded by math teachers around the Nation. Some lessons include worksheets and videos to assist you in engaging students and guiding them through each activity. Lessons are available for 3rd grade through Geometry in high school. Your students will love these activities!

Students routinely ask, “Why do I need to know this?” Get The Math provides video explanations of how math is used in everyday life with challenge questions to keep them thinking. These videos are most appropriate for secondary mathematics.