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Walton County School District

Social Media


Walton County School District has a need to augment traditional communication methods with the use of social media channels. This need primarily stems from public demand and the rapid growth of social media (Web 2.0, including but not limited to Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, MySpace, Ustream, Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube) used by other local, state and federal governmental entities as an indication that social media can be used effectively to enhance constituent communications. The use of social media presents opportunities to individual schools and departments, as well as the District as a whole. In general, the District supports the use of social media technology to enhance communication, collaboration and information exchange to meet the mission and goals of the School District.


The following documents are provided for resources and clarification of the Walton County School Board Rule 8.65 governing Social Media Use in the schools.

  • School Board Rule 8.65
  • Social Media Rule and Procedures
  • Social Media Participation Guidelines
  • Social Media Professional Practices
  • Social Media Request Procedure
  • Social Media Request Form
  • Social Media Comments Guidelines
  • WCSD Approved Social Media List

Clarifications on Social Media Links

Approved Social Media links for schools’ and departments will appear in the navigational bar on the right. Any other links on a social media site, is not an approved, recognized page of Walton County School District.

Social Media Disclaimer

The Walton County School District Facebook/Twitter page is maintained for the purpose of communicating with the parents of the children we serve and the Walton County School District community.

The Walton County School District Facebook/Twitter Page is provided for the school district community to share information on specific school district topics of interest. We will update this page as often as possible to share as much as we can about the Walton County School District and the achievements of the students and staff as well as other relevant school district community information.

All posting of comments on this page are at the discretion of the page administrators. The intent of this policy is not to keep any negative or critical information from being posted, but to protect the privacy and rights of Walton County School District staff and students. Naming specific employees or students in a negative way will not be allowed. The page administrators will review all postings to make sure they do not run afoul of the rules nor of the school district’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding Internet access and practices.

Any advertisers that may appear on this site or are linked to the site have paid a fee for such access and none of the products, services or programs advertised are being promoted or endorsed by the Walton County School District.

If you have a comment or would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, send an email to

Please keep in mind that if you do not want your comments or identifying information released in response to a public records request, DO NOT POST to this site. Instead, contact the school district by phone or in writing.