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Walton County School District

K-12 Instructional Materials

K-12 Instructional Materials

Cathy Hall


Telephone: (850) 892-1100 ext. 1548

State of Florida Adoption Schedule 2015-2020


2018-19  K-12 Math Adoption

Walton County School District's textbook adoption committee will begin its review of materials submitted to the Florida Department of Education for the Florida Instructional Materials adoption for K-12 Math in January, 2019.    Electronic access to the materials being considered will be posted below this announcement by January 31, 2019, and hard copies will also be available at the Tivoli Administrative Complex, in the Professional Development Center.  The textbook adoption committee's recommendation will be finalized by April 2, 2019.  Once the textbook adoption committee renders its final recommendation, a public hearing will be scheduled during a regularly scheduled board meeting to receive comments on recommended materials prior to their adoption.  Anyone wanting to preview the materials should contact Cathy Hall at 892-1100, extension 1548. 


Instructional Materials for Science, English Language Arts, Math, World Languages and Social Studies*

Walton Adopted Textbooks 2010-2017


Process for Parental Objection to Adoption of Materials


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